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Most people don’t want phones on planes, Europe tries to get them on anyway

Oct 29, 2007: 

European regulators are working on ways to get cellphones to work in planes, but a recent survey shows most flyers don’t want it to happen. Will BlackBerrys be able to squeeze in without irritating anyone?

Plan your travelling on BlackBerry for free

Oct 29, 2007: 

Do a lot of flying? WorldMate Live can help you keep an eye on flight status, as well as book tickets, hotels, rent cars, and everything else you might need to do while globetrotting.

Air Canada OKs BlackBerry boarding passes

Sep 24, 2007: 

2D barcodes can now be sent via SMS to get you in the skies more quickly.

Pocket Express adds Travel info for globetrotters

Aug 13, 2007: 

If you stay in a lot of hotels and make a lot of flights, Handmark’s new software might be able to lend you a hand.