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Etisalat releases BlackBerry 8700g with Arabic language support

Oct 09, 2007: 

BlackBerrys get Arabic keypad input in the United Arab Emirtaes, which will likely spread to other Arab-speaking countries in the near future.

Etisalat unleashes the BlackBerry 8300

Sep 10, 2007: 

The BlackBerry Curve is now available in the UAE through Etisalat.

Etisalat releases BlackBerry 8800

Jul 11, 2007: 

The UAE carrier has the 8800 ready to go, and are willing to give you a month of free service just for signing up before the 15th.

Etisalat breaks 14k users

Jul 09, 2007: 

The UAE carrier announces solid growth for its first year of BlackBerry business.