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Broadcom moves forward with antitrust case against Qualcomm

Sep 07, 2007: 

A Court of Appeals has overturned an earlier District Court decision which limited antitrust cases against Qualcomm, but Broadcom has lost 6 of its charges in the process.

AT&T’s HTC Tilt getting BlackBerry Connect

Sep 06, 2007: 

For any Windows Mobile fans in the house, AT&T’s HTC as yet unreleased Kaiser should be supporting BlackBerry Connect.

iPhone rocks summer smartphone sales

Sep 04, 2007: 

The iPhone’s summer launch has netted about 1.8% of the US smartphone market. Yow.

AT&T’s BlackBerry 8820 on the way to stores

Sep 04, 2007: 

AT&T’s soft launch has purportedly begun, allowing BlackBerry 8820s to take the place of 8800s on shelves.

AT&T BlackBerry 8310 launching September 24th.

Aug 30, 2007: 

A date has been rumored for AT&T’s new GPS-enabled Curve… is it following too closely on the heels of the original?

RIM and AT&T are negotiating a deal to leave the BlackBerry 8820 un-neutered; the Internet wins

Aug 29, 2007: 

RIM and AT&T are in the works to de-neuter the BlackBerry 8820, and it’s all thanks to you guys!

New Sprint ads for the discriminating multibillionaire

Aug 27, 2007: 

$10.5 million is small potatoes for the service of a BlackBerry 8830, plus the limited-time private island offer is a nice extra. Well, says Sprint. YouTube’s down right now, but for whenever it gets back up…

Sprint’s BlackBerry Pearl 2 aimed for Thanksgiving?

Aug 27, 2007: 

A BlackBerry Pearl 2, or one of its elusive cousins, may be coming to our doorsteps this November.

GPS adoption low, we blame Google Maps

Aug 15, 2007: 

Location-based services become kind of a moot point when Google’s around, huh?