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Sprint’s BlackBerry Pearl 2 aimed for Thanksgiving?

Aug 27, 2007: 

A BlackBerry Pearl 2, or one of its elusive cousins, may be coming to our doorsteps this November.

GPS adoption low, we blame Google Maps

Aug 15, 2007: 

Location-based services become kind of a moot point when Google’s around, huh?

NASA choses BlackBerry 8800 over iPhone

Aug 15, 2007: 

NASA gives the green light for BlackBerry while shooting down the iPhone.

T-Mobile one-ups Sprint on quarterly results

Aug 10, 2007: 

T-Mobile gets 857,000 net subscribers last quarter, versus a paltry 400,000 from Sprint.

FCC slows down U.S. voice roaming charges, data still at large

Aug 08, 2007: 

The FCC’s only asking that roaming rates for voice be “reasonable”. I guess that means data can still be ludicrously high.

Qualcomm hid patents, foots Broadcom’s legal bill

Aug 07, 2007: 

Qualcomm takes another hit today. Like it needed one.

Qualcomm gets no love from feds

Aug 07, 2007: 

Bush administrators find no fault in the ITC ban on some Qualcomm chips, leaving the manufacturer running out of options.

Verizon pays Broadcom for chips, skips Qualcomm

Jul 20, 2007: 

While Sprint might be trying to get Qualcomm out of its rut, Verizon’s decided to join up with Broadcom so it can keep pumping out devices.

U.S. gearing up for first-to-file patent standard

Jul 20, 2007: 

Upcoming changes in patent laws could make RIM’s legal life just a little bit easier.