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AT&T’s BlackBerry 8820 hits the warehouses

Aug 21, 2007: 

AT&T shipments are starting to come in, but you won’t be seeing them in stores until the BlackBerry 8800s are all run out.

EVDO BlackBerry 8130 coming to Sprint?

Aug 17, 2007: 

Sprint’s looking to release an EVDO Pearl sometime this year - could it be the BlackBerry 8130?

September 15th. rumored release date for AT&T BlackBerry 8820

Aug 15, 2007: 

The rumored August release didn’t happen, maybe we can see the BlackBerry 8820 in September…?

Meet the Verizon BlackBerry 8130. Is it the BlackBerry Pearl 2?

Aug 15, 2007: 

Boy Genius confirms the existence of a CDMA BlackBerry Pearl: the BlackBerry 8130, coming to Verizon in November.

Vodafone keeps 45% stake in Verizon

Aug 09, 2007: 

The ECS investor group has been officially rebuked in their request to have Vodafone drop their stake in Verizon.

Vodafone to carry BlackBerry Pearl 2 by September?

Aug 07, 2007: 

Spanish sources say the Pearl 2, dubbed “Refresh”, should be en route in September, falling in line with AT&T’s release.

Oodles of BlackBerry Rumors: Pearl 2 to AT&T by mid-September, 8310 was the Papa Bear

Aug 03, 2007: 

Boy Genius gets revenge on RIM by releasing details about the upcoming Pearl 2 and RIM’s failure to get Wi-Fi into the BlackBerry 8310.

Qualcomm CEO not willing to make nice with Broadcom

Jul 26, 2007: 

The Qualcomm/Broadcom fued keeps getting messier. With no settlement on the horizon, Qualcomm might end up paying Broadcom the money owed to it by Verizon. Crazy.

Verizon pays Broadcom for chips, skips Qualcomm

Jul 20, 2007: 

While Sprint might be trying to get Qualcomm out of its rut, Verizon’s decided to join up with Broadcom so it can keep pumping out devices.