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Desktop Manager 4.3 available for download

Nov 05, 2007: 

Vodafone is hosting the 4.3 Desktop Manager for your downloading pleasure, but have fun with the long wait.

Bharti Airtel launches BlackBerry 8820

Oct 01, 2007: 

Bharti Airtel’s BlackBerry 8820 with Wi-Fi has been released at the exact same price point as Vodafone’s: Rs. 31,990.

BlackBerry 8310 and 8820 land in India

Sep 28, 2007: 

Vodafone is carrying the BlackBerry 8310 with GPS for Rs 24,990 and the BlackBerry 8820 with Wi-Fi AND GPS for Rs 31,990 down in India.

Verizon announces dividend

Sep 06, 2007: 

Verizon’s scheduled for giving out dividends November 1st. at 43 cents per share.

BlackBerry 8310 comes to Portugal

Aug 23, 2007: 

Portugal gets their BlackBerry 8310 kicks, while us poor saps in North America continue to grind our teeth, waiting for it to get over here.

BlackBerry 8310 coming to UK soon

Aug 22, 2007: 

Rumor has it the BlackBerry 8310 in all its GPS glory will be landing in the UK soon.

Report: Simplicity sells cells

Aug 20, 2007: 

Usage of advanced features has been on the decline over the last couple of years. Less is more in the mobile world.

Vodafone joins WiMAX Forum

Aug 10, 2007: 

Vodafone joins a growing list of WiMAX supporters. Is there any chance of RIM jumping in?

Vodafone keeps 45% stake in Verizon

Aug 09, 2007: 

The ECS investor group has been officially rebuked in their request to have Vodafone drop their stake in Verizon.