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New Wi-Fi chip to save lots of power

Nov 01, 2007: 

The world’s most energy-efficient Wi-Fi chip? That’s saying something, alright. Think RIM will pick it up?

Gizmo brings VoIP to BlackBerry

Sep 21, 2007: 

Chat client and VoIP in the same package? For free? Don’t get too excited. Beta = glitchy.

RIM director says carriers ‘allowed’ for Wi-Fi BlackBerrys

Aug 22, 2007: 

A chat with RIM’s Wi-Fi director reveals that the timing for such a feature in the BlackBerry 8820 is based on carriers’ acceptance of the technology.

RIM’s Wi-Fi partner enabling VoIP and other services

Aug 22, 2007: 

Devicescape, one of many to thank for Wi-Fi in BlackBerrys, is developing a VoIP solution that could circumvent any UMA/SIP problems.

Reviewer: BlackBerry 8820 Wi-Fi not so hot

Aug 14, 2007: 

Voice handoff is nice, but e-mail should send through a Wi-Fi connection too, right?

Wi-Fi phone sales expected to top $145 billion in 2010

Jul 26, 2007: 

Mobile Wi-Fi experienced a downturn in Q107, but Infonetics Research is expecting double-digit growth over the next few years.

VoIP client expands BlackBerry compatability

Jun 28, 2007: 

EQO now supports the BlackBerry 8300, and other unnamed RIM devices, for cheap international calling.

Vonage to Offer WI-FI Phone

Jan 06, 2005: 

Vonage has partnered with UTStarcom to develop the first pur Wi-Fi/VoIP phone. Will it be successful?