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Sprint posts 77% drop in Q3 profits

Nov 02, 2007: 

More prepaid subscribers is nice and all, but a post-paid decline of 337,000 customers is bound to hurt the revenues.

Vodafone joins WiMAX Forum

Aug 10, 2007: 

Vodafone joins a growing list of WiMAX supporters. Is there any chance of RIM jumping in?

Sprint’s 2007 Q2 results are in

Aug 10, 2007: 

Sprint’s subscriber numbers are down versus competitors, but WiMAX growth could provide new opportunities.

Mobile WiMAX on the up?

Jul 16, 2007: 

A recent report is digging around at the future of mobile WiMAX, but is making us pay through the nose to learn what it is.

Biggest pull to WiMAX is e-mail?

Jun 21, 2007: 

Even with all that wireless broadband goodness, most folks still just want to check their e-mail.

WiMAX steps up to UMTS

Jun 20, 2007: 

New European regulations could be putting WiMAX on even footing with other 3G technologies.

Mobile data prices forecasted to drop

Jun 20, 2007: 

A recent report is claiming some drastic changes coming up in the way providers work in order to remain competitive to third-party services roundabout technology.

Mobile WiMAX to have 8% market share by 2012

Jun 01, 2007: 

WiMAX continues to show strong growth. Is it the mobile broadband technology of the future?

Sprint building up WiMax, PTT

May 31, 2007: 

CFO claims ten times cost performance on upcoming WiMax network.

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