Welcome to the BlackBerry Cool Wallpaper Generator! To change your background picture on your BlackBerry to the pic of your choice, simply follow the three simple steps below. If you are looking for more slick pictures and even cooler themes, be sure to check out the BlackBerry Cool Store, where you will find almost 200 BlackBerry themes!

1. Choose an image for your BlackBerry wallpaper

2. Choose a Resolution/Device

240 x 160: BlackBerry 72xx and 75xx Models

240 x 260: BlackBerry 71xx, 81xx (Pearl) Models

240 x 240: BlackBerry 77xx Models

320 x 240: BlackBerry 83xx (Curve), 87xx, 88xx Models

480 x 320: BlackBerry 9xxx (Bold)

3. Indicate where you would like the image to be sent

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This step emails the resized picture right to your BlackBerry,
allowing you to select it as your BlackBerry wallpaper image.

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* The BlackBerry Cool Wallpaper Generator is still in BETA. Email feedback at info@blackberrycool.com